January has ended with four days of Senate sessions with six bills passed, two of which are concurrences with House-amended bills that had already passed the Senate. The Senate (and House) will not reconvene until February 8th, which can only mean there are no important issues facing the Commonwealth that need immediate attention.

Guy Reschenthaler also now appears as the Prime Sponsor for a resolution submitted to the Senate. Since this is a resolution, it is NOT the lobbying-violation-fine-increase bill announced last month, but instead it is SR275: “A Resolution urging the Congress of the United States to pass H.R. 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015.” I can only assume that Reschenthaler has begun taking a keen interest in the mental health of Americans and that this resolution has nothing to do with the fact that the sponsor of H.R. 2646 is Tim Murphy, the well-entrenched and well-funded U.S. Congressman from the 18th Pennsylvania district, which includes almost the entirety of the 37th district of the Pennsylvania Senate. Otherwise, one may think that the resolution is specifically geared to curry favor from Congressman Murphy.

Also, someone pointed out to me that Reschenthaler does NOT provide an email address that can be used to contact him or his office directly, and that anyone who wishes to do so should use a form provided on his website. I wanted to see how this compared with the other Senators and discovered that only three, John Sabatina, Patrick Stefano, and Reschenthaler do not provide an email link on their Senate page, and though Sabatina and Stefano provide links to their websites, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, Reschenthaler only provides a link to his website. Perhaps this is just a reflection of how new he is to the Senate as he does have a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a (probably personal) Google+ page, and even a YouTube channel (with nothing on it). Interestingly, 10 Senators who provide an email link actually link to the “Contact Me” form on their website, which means only 36 of the current 49 Senators provide a contact email address. Of the 13 who do not, 12 are Republican and 1 (Sabatina) is a Democrat.

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