the9thWhile in the process of setting up this blog, I found out, using more effort than it should have been, that Dominic Pileggi, Senator from the 9th district, which includes parts of Chester and Delaware counties, resigned effective January 3rd, 2016, so that he can serve as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, a position to which he was elected in November.  As per usual, he will be replaced in a special election sometime in the future, on a date to be determined.  This means that I will need to make some changes behind the scenes to make some of the blog’s pages work with 49 senators instead of 50, it also means that Guy Reschenthaler’s term as the 50th Senator in seniority will be a short one.

What most intrigues me about this news is how hidden this information was. While running through the list of Senators on the PA Senate website, I discovered that no Senator was listed for District 9.  Seeing that the most recent Senator for this district was Pileggi, I did a Google search for his name and saw that his Wikipedia entry still listed him as the Incumbent. Another search result was to his Senatorial webpage, which had suspiciously excised any reference to Pileggi himself and had become a generic 9th District webpage. Ultimately I had to go to his Facebook page to find the news of his resignation from a post he left on December 29th. No announcement of any type was to be found on the Senate home page, no explanation was given on that site as to why no Senator was listed as representing District 9. You have to find this out explicitly by either viewing the print-friendly list of Senators or by using the “Find My Legislator” form to see the Senator listed as “VACANT”. I wouldn’t expect his resignation to be trumpeted on TV and print news in Pittsburgh, but I don’t think it should be that hard to find, especially for anyone interested enough in the Pennsylvania Senate to view its webpage. I wonder how many people in his district are even aware of this happening, given the traditionally low turnout for odd-year elections and my personal experience in seeing the lack of knowledge of Matt Smith’s resignation in the 37th district just last year.

Somewhat amusingly, the Pennsylvania Senate Republicans website lists “9th Senatorial District” as a currently-serving GOP Senator. You may think this presumptuous since, in theory at least, a Democrat could perfectly well win this seat in the special election. However, as a grand total of three men, all Republicans, have held this seat since 1949, an assumption of victory may not be so far-fetched. Although long held by Republicans, it is in an area of the state with largely Democratic representation, so perhaps a Democratic victory is not so improbable.

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